General Terms & Conditions:
The distributors / customers / end user should comply with all applicable statutory requirements, including the extant statutory requirements of national, state and local governmental and judicial bodies, including obtaining the required licenses, permits, no-objections, consents, statutory orders and notifications etc., while placing the orders for the goods as well as when the goods are promoted, purchased, stored, transported, handled and/or used.

The customer shall indemnify us in case of any breach of the above.
Restricted Packs:
Order for the products will be accepted on mutually agreed basis.
Freight will be decided on mutually agreed basis as per order value & quantity.
While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to delivery date specified by the customer, however We will not be responsible for any delay due to any circumstances, which are in its opinion, beyond its control.

Road permits wherever applicable in the opinion of Hind Associate, should accompany the order, failing which the order will not be executed till such time the same is not received.

We reserves the right to discontinue any product without notice.
We will insure the goods as per the existing insurance policy of Hind Associate for the material which are sent on FOR destination or will be decided on mutually agreed basis. We will not insure any goods which are supplied on to pay basis.
Passage of Title and Risk:
The title and risk shall pass to the customer on receipt of goods by them or their agents or their nominated transporters. However the same is subject to the condition of the purchase order accepted by us from time to time. In case customer do not pay the outstanding, Hind Associate has a right to recall the goods and have complete lien of the goods till the customer pay the outstanding.
All orders are subject to a written acknowledgment from us.

No amendment or cancellation of orders will be accepted once the goods have been packed to delivered or after the expiry of 7 calendar days from the date of acknowledgment of order by us , whichever is earlier.
Payment of Invoice:
The payment of invoice shall be made by the customer within the time period and in accordance with the manner as agreed with between us and the customer. Hind Associate reserves the right to discontinue/recall delivery and do all such actions against the customer as are permitted to it under the laws of India for recovery of fully or partly-unpaid invoices with interest @ 24% per annum for the delayed period .
Intellectual Property Rights:
Hind Associate makes no representation that the goods supplied by it do not violate any third-party industrial or intellectual property rights. The customer agrees to notify us without delay if it receives complaints about any such violations. If the goods supplied were manufactured according to the specification or instructions of the customer based on the intellectual property provided by the customer, the customer agrees to waive its right to challenge the same and shall indemnify us against all claims relating to the intellectual property of the same.
Bulk Requirements:
All bulk enquiries can be considered at special prices for the specific needs of the user based on mutual agreements between users/dealers and Hind Associate.

The delivery period in such cases will be confirmed at the time of submitting of the offer letter from us.
Uses of Products:
All chemicals, glassware, plasticware & safety goods including other allied products listed are meant for laboratory and industrial use. Hind Associate does not accept any responsibility if they are used for medicinal or for pharmaceutical applications or for any other purposes, which may be prohibited under the extant drugs and cosmetics laws. These products are prohibited from use as drugs, cosmetics, food additives, household chemicals, agricultural or pesticides products or any other purpose which is not specified.

The customers/users/dealers shall indemnify us with respect to the same.
In the event of any conflict between this General Terms and Condition of Sale and specific agreement, if any, entered into between Hind Associate and a customer, the terms of such specific agreement shall prevail.
Arbitration, Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
Any dispute arising out of this General Terms and Condition of Sale shall be settled though arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliations Act, 1996 or under its recent amendments by a sole arbitrator appointed by Hind Associate. The venue of such arbitration shall be at Gurgaon(Haryana),INDIA.

This General Terms and Condition of Sale shall be governed in accordance with Indian Laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Gurgaon.
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